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Sample Menus


You deserve quality food, hand selected by Chef Annamarie Greco. You and your family will appreciate the difference.


Winter Sample Menu

Amuse Bouchée

Shiitake mushroom gel, osetra caviar, crème fraîche, and chives. 

Course One

Roasted beets, Kumquats, Huckleberry purée, toasted sunflower seeds, and sunflower cream. 

Course Two

Wild mushroom risotto, with truffles, lemon zest. 

Course Three

Grass fed wagyu fillet, cloud potatoes, asparagus. 

Course Four

Olive oil sponge cake, vanilla bean with cream, figs and whip cream, Orange blossom honey drizzle.

Simple, Yet Elegant

Chef Annamarie Greco strives to source and deliver the highest quality ingredients in her culinary creations—from organically sourced produce to wild fresh fish and high quality meat.